Dr. Jeffrey S. Jensen

CoastPicCloserI joined the faculty of the University of Washington, Bothell in 2012 as a Senior Lecturer, and I am in the Division of Biological Sciences, School of STEM.  Before coming to UWB, I was a Senior Lecturer and Associate Chair of the Biology Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. In 1993 I earned a Ph.D. in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB) at Harvard University, and spent five years as a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard before my move to Maryland. Going way back to undergraduate days, in 1984 I received a BS in Zoology (now Biology) and a BS in Fisheries (Biometrics) from the University of Washington, Seattle. I grew up in the Seattle area and I am very happy to have found my way back!

My primary teaching areas are physiological ecology, evolution, and comparative anatomy and physiology. I also teach a fall course on the biology of salmon and the interrelationships among biology, law, public policy, and culture in understanding and managing salmon populations. You can find details under Teaching.

I have two primary research areas, both related to fish. I study the ecology and evolution of the marine fish family Embiotocidae (Surf perches), and I work on assessment and restoration of kokanee salmon in the Lake Washington watershed. Both of these areas offer ample opportunity for undergraduate research. See Research Activities and Opportunities for more information.

Hiking, kayaking, and fishing are my main recreational pursuits, and I spend most of my summers doing research at UW’s fabulous Friday Harbor Laboratories.